Meelis Hainsoo’s review


Meelis Hainsoo, musician

“Music is the language of secret codes,” Kalle Vilpuu has said. And indeed the first solo album of Vilpuu, known as the guitarist of the Saxappeal Band, Magnetic Band and House of Games, and best known as the lead guitarist of Seitsmes Meel and Estonian rock flagship Ultima Thule, includes quite a few coded messages. All that is left for the audience to do is to extend their antennae and turn on the “enigma”. The fact that “Silver Lining” is an instrumental album allows the listener to let her fantasy run wild. Both the cover design and names of tracks provide a hint: “Anomalies”, “In the Back of my Head”, “The Touch of Angel”, “Industrial No. 4”, “Rosie”.
This matured guitar player’s equally long-matured album is like an audiobook one does not bear to pull away from one’s ears before it is finished. You listen to it once – interesting.
Then you listen to it twice, and again. And it is still interesting. There is no “guitar athletics” here, no excess vanity or special effects. The details address you. As an added bonus, all tracks come with visuals in 3D computer graphics, go see for yourselves on YouTube.
This untiring seeker and experimenter, a guitar colossus also at home behind a keyboard and a microphone receives help in “metalprogeindustrialrocking” on this album from Henno Kelp on the base and Andrus “Iron Sticks” Lillepea on drums. In addition to the said instruments, listeners are treated to both cosmic and still earthly synthesized sounds, surfing aliens, violins, viola da gamba, flute, trombone and Mari Pokinen’s undoubtedly beautiful “aaa…”. Hearsay has it there is even studio material left over…

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