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Kalle Vilpuu / Silver Lining

Michael Haifl

Kalle Vilpuu is a musician from Estonia, who has been active for more than 30 years in the music business on the go. From his bands ULTIMA THULE and HOUSE OF GAMES should be expected at least the listeners in Western Europe know him. Who is now expecting on his first solo album a pure old school guitar Inferno by guitarist / keyboardist Kalle Vilpuu, is on the wrong track. For Kalle creates not only a great emphasis on wonderful guitar melodies, but is also a small sound wizard and arranger in this sense. Nevertheless, a strong rhythm section guarantees consistently the certain degree of hardness.

Billowing soundscapes in the background of the opener ‘Anomalies’ by no means obstruct the Billowing soundscapes in the background of the opener ‘Anomalies’ by no means obstruct the view of Kalle Vilpuu’s guitar skills á la NEAL SCHON. In common interaction this gives a space rock travel to distant worlds. The goal does not seem so far, it remains on Mother Earth, but Kalle lets his
guitar do like whale songs resound. Strong drums and flute then accompany the glorious guitar playing on ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Forgiven’, so that the initial impact of the Berlin school has to give way. While ‘Industrial No 4′ exactly reproduces the promised in the title atmosphere with rich guitar riffs, as well as in ‘In The Back Of My Head’ the key sounds heavenly melodies out.

As a brief interlude consisting ‘Trappings’ only from programmed beats and a light melody. A little cool, with meditative ambient sounds, the listener learns in ‘The Touch Of Angel’ and `Rosie’. ‘Interno’ sprayed, underlaid with strings, a melancholy atmosphere. By contrast, ‘The Aliens (Have Landed) ‘ is another crazy musical ride that ultimately only ended the title track at the end with elegiac guitar sounds. Friends of instrumental and primary six string art should pay KALLE VILPUU’s solo work more than just an ear.

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