Yoshiyuki Ooseki’s review of Silver Lining

Kalle Vilpuu / Silver Lining

Yoshiyuki Ooseki

The Baltic country Estonia, neighboring the Nordics, has suddenly sent us a meteorite messenger full of surprises. Sporting a level to rival former Estonian prog rock masters In Spe and Kaseke, and equal to or even better than the recently promising youth group X-Panda, Kalle Vilpuu sent me his debut album from 2014 a few weeks ago.

Hitherto almost unknown Kalle, who plays the guitar and keyboards and does everything on the album himself, from arrangement to production with a veteran’s versatile talent and diligence, deserves we take off our hats to him.

The pristine and solemn extraordinary sound landscape has been born out of cooperation with several of his friends, including drums, bass, female vocals, flute, violin, trombone etc. Its melody,
symphony, ambient and industrial nature express a broad spectrum of musical knowledge and skill and the exotic character of Estonia as a country. The soul of prog rock, nearly forgotten for a long time, is now brimming with unexpected excitement. This kind of deeply nostalgic emotion-provoking echo and its charm can be enjoyed to one’s heart’s content.

Unlike other sound creations of this type, that often tend to be reflections of the egos and self-fascination of authors, the album at hand feels like it can be enjoyed by both the creator and the listener.

The composition will be available in shops specializing on prog rock in Japan from this fall, and you can soon purchase a copy for yourself.

Read the original review in Japanese here.

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